Friday, July 2, 2010

SPPF and SNP Conspire To Take Millions of The People’s Money

By: Christopher Gill
Mouvman Seselwa Rasin - Leadership Committee

SPPF and SNP Conspire To Take Millions of The People’s Money

October 2008
The Constitutional Emoluments Bill, et al of 2008 came before the National Assembly in late 2008 and the SNP was up and down State House meeting with SPPF to conspire the biggest rip off of the People of Seychelles ever, since the signing of the Constitution of the Third Republic in 1993. 

We never knew the whole story, but we have come to know what took place when the Constitutional Emoluments Act of 2008 as amended meant for the People of Seychelles. SPPF/PP and SNP conspired to pass the Bill in the National Assembly and they conspired to keep the details a secret from the People of Seychelles. 

The “Deal With The Devil” Signed, Sealed, Delivered By SBC
With the control of SBC, the SPPF barely released the information of unprecedented 38% increase in salary that they brokered with SNP in a legislative conspiracy, but they went silent on a first time ever life pension program for politicians. 

The People were outraged by the 38% salary increases and this preoccupied everyone’s mind until the 29% PUC electricity tariff increases came along later. No one knew about the extent of the understood the extent of the new pensions the SPPF and SNP voted themselves, on the eve of the country declaring national bankruptcy.

Under the new Act, a politician can now get a 70% pension for the rest of his life. Hence, the opposition has been turned into a “pensioned opposition”, the ruling party, turned into a “pensioned party” with full pensions for life like the Civil Service, but civil servants get much, much, less on retirement for an entire life’s work and sacrifice. 

No wonder none of these rascals really work for Seychelles, they have a life insurance for poor performance, voted for- themselves, and the People of

Seychelles have to pay for years to come, in spite of them doing a grossly bad job serving us and serving country.
“Sesel Pou Seselwa” Means Truth, Accountability, Transparency, Reality
The numbers are startling. The pension violates the “Sesel Pou Seselwa” principles of honest and transparent, and accountable government to the People.
In this article, we expose the rascals, all of them, SPPF and SNP alike. We shed light in darkness so no mushroom grows on our foreheads, be it SPPF/PP mushroom or an SNP mushroom. Truth, accountability , transparency applies to all and all alike.
In the next election, People of Seychelles need to throw them all out and send them back to the farm to increase agricultural industry contribution to our GDP. 

These salaries need to be reduced by 30% and pensions need to be cancelled out right. Politicians are not civil servants and are never entitled to a pension, unless it is a Head of State who serves all. 

Politicians are partisan and advance a particular political agenda for a time. Hence why the State should not be required to pension them out for life. They already receive a gratuity for end of term service that is substantial enough. 

One Person-Two or Three Ministries
One scam SPPF has perfected is the multiple salary scam. One person can run a number of constitutional offices and ministries be paid a salary and be pensioned out on retirement. It is unclear if the policy is to have the individual choose a salary or choose a pension, nor is it clear if a person can occupy more than one constitutional post. It seems they can and it appears multiple salaries, are part of the SPPF/PP game.

Example, take James Michel. He is the President of the Republic and Minister of Defence, Legal Affairs, Information and Tourism. He is entitled to the salary of President, but is also paid for each ministry he heads all for work done in one day.

If his cabinet makes each heading a different ministry, as it appears, then he takes a ministerial salary for each and pension for each. Hence, Michel as a person, will take 70% salary-pension for each heading, if his government sanctions it. His retirement package will then be: Scr 26,600.00 (Office of President) +Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Defence) +Scr. 19,600.00 (Ministry of Legal Affairs) + Scr. 19,600.00 ( Ministry of Information) + Scr. 19,600.00 for (Ministry of Tourism). Adjusted total is: Scr 105,000.00. If Michel the lives for 40 years, his pension will be cost the people of Seychelles: Scr.50,400,000.00.
He is the big winner in this deal, which SNP signed off on side by side with SPPF/PP.

Bye, Bye Belmont!
Now, recently, Mr. Joseph Belmont announced his retirement from his political career. The Constitutional Emoluments Act et al, over cushions Belmont’s premature departure. Belmont has been part of the JJ Spirit Team that bankrupted Seychelles, but he is pensioned out for his failures and bad decisions or indecisions that led to our country becoming bankrupted officially. Instead of punishing failure, to discourage future failure, the Constitutional Emoluments Act rewards failure today, to encourage ongoing failure in the future.

As Vice President, his salary was Scr. 35,000.00 per month. As a retiree, Belmont will take home every month, for the rest of his life in part, Scr. 24,500.00 per month. Per year, Scr. 294,000.00. If he lives for 40 years, Scr. 11,760,000.00 for being the Vice President that lend a hand in bankrupting Seychelles, the same year, they voted for this salary-pension guarantee for life. 

Now, Belmont was also Minister of Administration and Minister of Tourism, Two(2) separate ministerial headings. As such, he may and could well be entitled to pensions for each heading, based on a 70% of total salary of Scr. 28,000.00 for each or pensioned out at Scr. 19,600.00 for Ministry of Tourism and Scr. 19,600.00 for Ministry of Administration. Total with Vice President pension could possibly be: Scr. 63,700.00 for the rest of his life. If he lives for 40 years more, Scr. 30,576,000.00 will be paid to Belmont as pension, unless he disqualifies for a ministerial heading, which is unlikely.

Minister Marie Pierre Lloyd
Ex – Minister Lloyd had a short spout as Minister. Towards the end of her run which was cut short, the Ministry of Health had collapsed, they do not even pay their PUC electricity bills these days. The irony of this situation, is that we will now pay Minister Lloyd a pension for a job badly done. She is a one term minister and entitled to 40% of salary as a pension. She will receive a pension of Scr. About Scr. 11,200.00 for the rest of her life. Per annum we will pay her now, Scr. 134,400.00 for doing nothing all year, just breath ie, inhale and exhale. If she lives for 40 years, her term of failure at the Ministry of Health will now cost us the People of Seychelles another Scr.5,376,000.00, over and above the cost of a failing Ministry of Health. Her payout is more frugal than the LO and LGB, see below.

Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business Salary & Pensions
In the National Assembly, where this legislative conspiracy between SPPF and SNP took place and SBC helped fool us all by nodding their heads like the extinct Dodo birds, the Two (2) leaders from opposite sides come out as big winners in their own right. 

With a pension in place for life, politicians no longer become answerable to the voters. They can send us all to hell, they believe, don’t answer phones, ignore emails, block chats on Facebook, do not reply to written letters. 

Now, you know why the SNP stop opposing the SPPF/PP, aside from the occasional copy and paste of articles from Star or Weekly.
Previously the Leader of Government Business (Marie-Lise Potter, SPPF/PP)and Leader of Opposition (Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, SNP) were paid each Scr. 19,000.00 base pay excluding gratuities, allowances and other perks. They increased their salaries to Scr. 28,000.00, an increment of Scr. 9,000.00 per month, on the eve of Seychelles being declared a bankrupt state. Their pension for the rest of their lives is 70% of their salary or 19,600.00, more then their past salary of Scr. 19,000.00 before the 38% increase. 

Per annum, on pension for the rest of their lives, both Mrs. Marie Lise Potter and Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan will each earn Scr. 235,000.00. 

If both Mrs. Marie –Lise Potter and Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan live for 40 years, which is highly likely, they will each cost the People of Seychelles Scr. 9,408,000.00 for doing nothing, ever again, just breathe, inhale, exhale. 

Collectively, they both will cost us: Scr. 18,816,000.00, for doing nothing, ever again for the People of Seychelles, just breath, inhale, exhale. 

People of Seychelles, SPPF/PP and SNP have taken us for fools!!!!!!

The Members of the National Assembly (MNA’s)
MNA’s that do Three(3) terms in the National Assembly are entitled to 70% of their salary as pension for the rest of their lives. Past salary was Scr. 8,000.00 per month. The new salary is Scr.14,000.00 per month, increase of 6,000.00. On pension for Three (3) terms, the pension payout per month will be Scr. 9,800.00. 

In 12 months after they leave the National Assembly, each MNA will cost the People of Seychelles, Scr. 117,600.00. If all 34 MNA’s make it to Three (3) terms and retire, it will cost per annum: Scr. 3,998,400.00. If they live for 40 years, than that will cost us Scr. 159,936,000.00 for them to remain on pension and do nothing, ever again, except breath, inhale, exhale.

Adding Scr. 159,936,000.00 MNA pensions to the pensions of the Two (2) Leaders in the National Assembly will give us: Scr. 178,752,000.00 just for National Assembly pensions, excluding the Mr. Speaker guy, His Excellency, The Right, Honourable Dr. Patrick Hermine.
If you add his Scr.34,000.00 per month package excluding allowances, gratuity, perks, at 70% it is Scr. 23,800.00 per month pension, or Scr.285,600.00 per annum. 

Over 40 years, His Excellency The Right Honourable, Dr. Patrick Hermine, pension will cost us Scr. 11,424,000.00. In total, Scr.190,176,000.00, excluding the pensions of past MNA’s to serve in the National Assembly. Over time, the pensions will wipe out progress for the Nation, unless revoked by legislation. 

SPPF/PP and SNP, voted themselves a golden parachute for life.
Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame on all who raised their hands!
Now the People of Seychelles, know, why, neither party listens to them.
Now, the People of Seychelles know, why, they are so frustrated with inaction and there is never enough money for anything, but yet, we are suppose to be rich.

Now, the People of Seychelles need to wake up to the biggest political scam in our history in cash- money terms.

People of Seychelles, when these politicians have sat in their big leather chairs Communist China gave them, we thought they were sleeping and their hair and beards were getting white as time passed. We were right! 

But what we did not realize, while we worried about our future as a people, their future was already guaranteed, in the greatest legislative conspiracy of Seychelles history, and they could careless if their hair and beards were getting white. They even fell asleep in their chairs.

I have this to say to SPPF and SNP: “Sesel Pou Seselwa”....and Seselwa pou deal ek zot pareye zot inn deal ek Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Breaking Vienna Convention Rules To Please Sheik Khalifa of UAE

By: Christopher Gill
Mouvman Seselwa Rasin - Leadership Committee

After all the speeches of the month of June, James Michel has come across as a President that will say anything, do anything, to justify his policy of “Sell Baby Sell”. Under his administration, we have heard every excuse to justify the entry of goods by the plane loads daily, and containers daily, tax free for the residence of Sheik Khalifa. Sheik Khalifa was tendered a large parcel on La Misere for Scr. 1.00 as a gift and we were told, it is necessary to do so. Subsequently, numerous plots have been sold to the same person, we are told it is necessary. As the monstrosity project goes up at La Misere, all materials are brought in tax free and no Customs inspection even takes place. I have personally witness dozens of incidents wherein the large Antonov cargo planes unload cargo uninspected, no taxes paid.

SPPF/PP Says Vienna Convention Gives Sheik Khalifa Tax Free Imports on All Goods
To head this frontal assault on the minds of the People of Seychelles, Mr. James Michel sent Mr. Barry Faure Two (2) months ago to tell us that the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961, compels the Government of Seychelles to allow Sheik Khalifa to import all goods, tax free into Seychelles. This is completely false and could not be farther from the truth. Even the last IMF delegation to Seychelles was perplexed over the matter, but they had not yet been briefed on the Vienna Convention.

$300 Million Customs Taxes To Be Lost in One Year
It is estimated that by now, the People of Seychelles have lost over $200 Million in lost customs and tax revenue and this number will reach $300 Million by the year’s end, if Sheik Khalifa continues to import into Seychelles, at the rate he is currently.

That amount of money represents ¾ of Republic of Seychelles commercial debt. Had the administration of James Michel, collected this revenue, Seychelles would have been able to pay off the commercial bond debts that bankrupted us in October 2008 and restructured any existing debt to more favourable conditions, and moved on as country, instead of being stuck in limbo as we are now. With that money, James Michel would not have to ask the commercial banks to drop interest rates and make money available to jump start the Seychelles economy. With that money, and the precedence set from collecting it, Seychelles would be on its way to becoming a rich nation as it should be with a fractional population of merely 85,000 inhabitants.

With $300 Million in paid taxes, we would not be facing a collapsing health and medical system. We would have the best medical system $300 Million could pay for with the best medical health managers we could pay to do SPPF/PP’s work. With that kind of money in the coffers we would not need to beg Sheik Khalifa for a medical ambulance for treating patients from the bus accident on Praslin. With that money, we would buy our own generators to provide electricity to Mahe.

Vienna Convention Applies to Diplomatic Missions Not Individuals
In the preamble of the Vienna Convention, it is clearly stated that the Conventions rights are applicable to diplomatic missions, and are not intended to benefit individuals....”Realizing that the purpose of such privileges and immunities is not to benefit individuals but to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of diplomatic missions as representing States” .

The tax free privileges granted to Sheik Khalifa as an individual contradict the very spirit of the Vienna Convention. The Convention is intended to benefit diplomatic missions. The UAE has not even set up a diplomatic mission in Seychelles. 

The Seychelles has been primarily a private second residence for Sheik Khalifa among many others around the world. He comes and goes occasionally.

Additionally, the benefits of tax free concessions under the Vienna Convention, under Article 1 apply to the mission itself. This is clearly restricted to key posts, which includes the 1. Head of Mission, 2. the person in charge of a mission, by a sending State, it does not apply to the Head of State and is in fact, restricted to the diplomatic staff who are agents of the principal Head of State. 

Under Article 14, Heads of Missions are divided into three classes, namely:
(a) ...ambassadors or nuncios accredited to Heads of State...”
(b) Envoys, ministers,....accredited to a Head of State;
(c) Charges d’ √°ffaires accredited to Ministers for Foreign Affairs.
There are no expressed circumstances under the Vienna Convention that applies to Head of States or private residence of Heads of State where a mission is not already established as in the case of Sheik Khalifa in Seychelles.

Article 23 states:

1. The sending State and the head of the mission shall be exempt from all national, regional, or municipal dues and taxes in respect of the premises of the mission, whether owned or leased, other than such as represent payment for specific services rendered
2. The exemption from taxation referred to in this article shall not apply to such dues and taxes payable under the law of the receiving State, by persons contracting with the sending State or head of mission.
Under the Vienna Convention, tax exemption applies to the premises of the mission. It would not apply to the exemption of goods that are used by a contracting party, if they were building a mission. 

Even if Sheik Khalifa’s residence at La Misere and Barbaron were to be registered as diplomatic missions which they are not, Sheik Khalifa would still be obligated to pay taxes for the works done and materials used by third parties such as ASCON construction company, in spite of the slight detail that ASCON is an illegal company in Seychelles, not registered to do business or conduct any construction works. Ascon would have to pay GOP permit fees, and could not apply for exemption under Sheik Khalifa’s name. It is a violation of our sovereignty . The fact that Minister of Finance approves the GOP permits for 2000 workers does not make it right. It has no authority to approve work permits. That is the domain of Minister of Employment, statutorily.

Sheik Khalifa cannot assert that the goods brought into Seychelles are by diplomatic bag either. Under Article 27, diplomatic bag status is intended for communication purposes, not the building of three huge buildings on top of a La Misere that are over 5 levels high each.

Article 30 says “private residence of a diplomatic agent shall enjoy the same inviolability and protection as the premises mission. Sheik Khalifa is not a diplomatic agent, he is a diplomatic principal, as such the Vienna Convention would not apply to him or his residence, he has to pay his way.

Article 34...
details wherein taxes are due, by missions, as this is not a carte blanche privilege intended to allow someone to walk into a country and have thousands of Antanov flights follow with tax free goods and construction materials, right down to toilet pipes and water tanks, tax free.

Article 34
A diplomatic agent (not diplomatic principal) shall be exempt from all dues and taxes, personal, or real, regional or municipal, except:
(a) Indirect taxes of a kind that are normally incorporated in the price of goods or services;
(b) Dues and Taxes on private immovable property situated in the territory;
This means, a diplomatic agent, has to pay taxes on goods normally incorporated in the price of goods and services. On landing that would mean Customs would have to assess the tax mark up and retail mark up and assess a tax bill for Sheik Khalifa’s goods.
Sheik Khalifa also has to pay taxes on land. Sheik Khalifa is not even a diplomatic agent, he is a principal Head of State. Hence, he would have to pay taxes on all land sales, and taxes on all goods imported into Seychelles for personal use as opposed to mission use, which would be subjected to tax exemption if a mission had already been officially established.
Exemptions may apply to : (a) taxes on goods for official use of a mission, (b) for personal use of a diplomatic agent, which could apply to UAE diplomatic agents, if a mission was set up, but not to a diplomatic Principal for his private residence.

Article 42 says: “A diplomatic agent shall not in the receiving State practise for personal profit any professional or commercial activity”.

Now if Sheik Khalifa and SPPF/PP insist that the Vienna Convention does apply to the Sheik, and he does not have to pay taxes on his goods he imports, than the Convention says under Article 42, he would then not be able to do any business in Seychelles. 

Hence, buying land at Beau Vallon, buying Four Seasons, Buying out Raffles, and Cueriesse Island for example, would violate the Articles of the Vienna Convention. Basically, the Convention envisioned that one cannot enjoy diplomat status and be in business at the same time in a receiving State. The Convention uses the bar words: a diplomat “shall not”...practise for personal profit any professional or commercial activity”. 

A Proposal To Table
Instead of going on and on about this matter as a citizen of Seychelles, as it appears the President of Seychelles cannot ask for reasons unknown to me, I ask that Sheik Khalifa please, with due respect worthy of a Head of State, to pay the back taxes on all goods imported to Seychelles for his private residence which, I reasonably believe has exceeded $200 Million, unless proven otherwise.

We are not against Sheik Khalifa or anyone, and welcome him and everyone to Seychelles, if they pay their way. If Seychellois can pay their way, the rich and well heeled of the world can pay their way as well. To make Seychelles work well, there must not be any exceptions to this rule. 

A little gift here and there is not paying your way, nor is making little cozy deals, paying your way. Paying your way, means paying, every step of the way. Now I do believe the People of Seychelles can give Sheik Khalifa a little credit as follows to be applied to his bill: 1. $8 Million, medical health scanner center,2. Two (2) 8 megawatt generators worth $1 million per megawatt or $16 Million. If there is anything else missing, please mention in comments section. We can leave the interest calculations for the timbering, if the bill is settled soon.
Please pay directly to our creditors holding our bonds and not to the Government of Seychelles. 

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Spirit of June 29th 1976 Lives On!!!

By: Leonard Francis Gill
       Mouvman Seselwa Rasin - Leadership Committee 

June 29th is our true Independence and Liberation Day. The Pp and the SPPF before them have done all that they can to hide this fact. They do not want us to remember that we were liberated and were recognized as the indigenous people and owners of the Rasin homeland on this date in 1976. The Pp Collaborators know if we remember these facts about June 29th 1976 we will remember that they betrayed and continue to betray the principles behind June 29th of Sesel Pou Seselwa that they had previously loudly proclaimed across the land to gain Rasin support for independence.

So on our Independence Day proclaim loudly Sesel Pou Seselwa whenever you greet another Rasin. Make it the equivalent of “good morning” and “goodbye” every time you meet another Rasin anywhere in the world and in the Rasin motherland.

Where are we today with the Pp Collaborators and the sprit of June 29th 1976? What we see is the Pp’s continued betrayal of the principles of Sesel Pou Seselwa. How are they doing this? In the first instance they are selling our country from right under our noses and want us to accept this fact and to like it. Those who do not agree with the “sell baby sell” philosophy are persecuted and plots are being hatched to murder them.

What plots are being hatched by the Pp Collaborators to keep us subjugated? Recently Michel the Collaborator made a one day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is the country where Khalifa is a ruling sheik. Khalifa has apparently bribed our leaders to sell him our country.

You may ask yourself why did Michel, presumably a busy person, take this one day trip to the UAE? He said publicly that he went there to request help from Khalifa to send sailors to Seychelles to help us protect our country from pirates. Even forgetting the insult that this implies to our Coast Guard and our armed forces, why did Michel have to fly 5 hours each way for a short one hour private meeting with Khalifa and his aids to do this simple thing? He could have done that in a simple phone call. The answer is that Michel did not want to discuss his request over the telephone lines which can be tapped by the Central Intelligence Agency and other international spy agencies.

What did Michel the Collaborator have to hide? Why did he need a face to face meeting normally associated with Gambino crime family bosses planning their criminal activities? Michel, like the mafia bosses he resembles, was planning something much more sinister than simply requesting Khalifa’s help to fight pirates.

Michel the Collaborator was seeking UAE soldiers masquerading as sailors on ships. He needed Khalifa’s soldiers as an insurance policy against our own armed forces that he does not trust to support him in his efforts to betray our motherland and sell us out to the likes of Khalifa. Michel and the Butcher have once more brought foreign troops to our sacred soil with the intent of using them to massacre Seselwa Rasin so they can keep power at the barrel of the gun – just like they did on June 5th 1977 when they betrayed the spirit of June 29th and the founding principle of Sesel Pou Seselwa. They are doing it again – it is time for us to get rid of this duo dictatorship of Michel the Collaborator and Rene the Butcher.

Moreover, this is not the only plot being hatched by the Butcher and the Collaborator to murder us Seselwa Rasin. Confidential reliable informants have informed The Mouvman that the PP Collaborator government appears to have created a special assassination team. They have apparently been armed with illicit weapons purchased on the black market which cannot be traced back to the Seychelles Government. This assassination team composed of misguided young Seselwa Rasin recruited from what the Pp considered to be “reliable” Pp families, have been trained by some rogue former Irish paramilitary forces who are now operating in Seychelles. The mission of this assassination team is to assassinate The Mouvman’s leaders and other leaders of political groups opposed to the Pp dictatorship.

The Mouvman has been informed and based on this information has formed a belief that I have been identified as the first target of this assassination team. It appears through currently uncorroborated but what The Mouvman believes to be reliable reports that weapons will be transferred to either Philippines or Guam or both in diplomatic pouches to carry out my murder. The Pp do not want the murder to be on Seychelles’ soil where they would be the obvious culprits. Advance teams and informants have been established by the Pp in both jurisdictions. In the Philippines, The Mouvman believes these efforts are being aided by the Honorary Consul there, though confirmation of this fact is still pending. In Guam an informant has been recruited and paid substantial sums to track my movements and is reportedly a woman with Pp connections. A control figure for the assassination plot has intentions to travel to Guam to identify me as the target with the help of the informant. The uncorroborated reports indicate that the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator have given the “go” signal for my murder. It is also reported but not yet corroborated that Danny Faure may have wittingly or unwittingly played a part in setting up the Philippines part of the murder conspiracy. All this comes on the heels of threats made against me by the Butcher. The United States Federal bureau of investigations will be brought in since there appears, in my view, to have been crimes committed on US soil by the Butcher, Michel the Collaborator and their co-conspirators. The Mouvman thanks the individuals who have provided it with this information and asks others to email any information you have by sending it anonymously, outside Seychelles, to The Mouvman’s email address.

What all this means is that while we became independent on June 29th 1976 and believed we had been liberated from the shackles of colonialism we are being re-colonized by the United Arab Emirates with the help of collaborators like Michel. We know that the Pp will stop at nothing to keep themselves in power and they will do anything to fill their own pockets at our expense. What is becoming ever clearer is that we will never be truly liberated until we free ourselves from the Pp. We must make the spirit of June 29th come alive and become a reality. To do this we must have a true revolution in Seychelles to make Sesel Pou Seselwa and to remove the Pp Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people – their own people.

Long live Sesel Pou Seselwa!!!
Long live the Seselwa Rasin people!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Mouvman Calls For Major Constitutional Revisions Consistent with the Rasinist-Creed

June 27, 2010
Attorney General
National House
Victoria, Mahe
Republic of Seychelles

Re: Comments on Constitutional Revision

Attorney General:

This letter is to provide you with Mouvman Seselwa Rasin’s (“The Mouvman”) basic poison regarding the proposed revisions to the current Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles (“Constitution”).

It is the Mouvman’s position that the Constitution requires major revisions which have not been addressed by the report submitted by the Constitutional Review Commission (“Commission”), and as described in the Constitutional Review Report submitted by the Commission on December 21st 2009. In general, the Commission recommended mere tinkering to the Constitution when a more thorough review and rewrite is appropriate.

As a point of basic principle The Mouvman seeks changes to the Constitution to implement the founding principle of our nation of Sesel Pou Seselwa. This principle requires amendments to the Constitution to implement the provisions of the Rasin-ist Creed which describes what constitutes Sesel Pou Seselwa. A copy of the Rasin-ist Creed is enclosed herewith and incorporated herein by this reference as though fully set forth here.

Of particular concern is the provision on citizenship under Chapter II article 7 of the Constitution. The Commission retains the current system of granting citizenship by birth rather than by ancestry. This is inconsistent with the notions of Sesel Pou Seselwa. It also ignores the wholesale abuses of the naturalization process that have been wholly inconsistent with the founding principle of our motherland and currently threatens Seselwa Rasin ownership and control over their own motherland.

The Mouvman also is concerned with the claw back of our substantial rights in Article 19 and other parts of the Constitution. The Constitution and the Commission take the position that our fundamental rights belong to the government in power to determine practically as it sees fit. It is the Mouvman’s position that our fundamental rights belong to us Seselwa Rasin first and foremost, and that only those rights we see fit to transfer to the government no longer are ours to determine and to exercise.

A rewrite of the Constitution must be approached from this basic philosophical position – that we Seselwa Rasin, individually, are the masters of our country and not the government in power. If we do not specifically give the government power, the government in power should not have it – not the other way around.

The Mouvman also believes that a parliamentary system rather than the current presidential system, which allows one party with a minority of support from the Seselwa Rasin people, to control virtually all political power in the Rasin homeland. A parliamentary system will better represent the politically diverse views in our motherland.

The President under such a parliamentary system will be a ceremonial post filled by a respected and accepted individual and will represent the keel or guiding person of our motherland. This will help to defuse power and stop it from being concentrated in a single hand where it has historically been abused and will likely be abused in the future.

As a result, The Mouvman calls for a representative Constitutional Revision Commission that can tackle the extensive revisions to the Constitution that is required to make our system more democratic and representative of the divergent views in our homeland.


Leonard Francis Gill
Leadership Committee

Saturday, June 26, 2010

When Rain Is Gold To Seychelles

By: Christopher Gill
Leadership Committee - Mouvman Seselwa Rasin

Recently PUC officially announced that our water storage-catchment was down to 62% capacity. With -2% of total stored water in Seychelles being used per day, it meant that we had less than 30 days of water left. A crisis was at hand. 

In early morning visit at Eden Island, I turned a faucet on to wash my hands and air burst out, no water, what water there in the line ended up on my shirt and trousers. Not a very 5 Star incident at all.

Water On Mahe
Households through out Mahe were rationing water in June. Businessmen started to have a grave concern, on their face, that we have all seen too many times in the past. They all knew we were running out of water. They all know the desalination plants are either broken, or not functioning and money has been wasted in the millions of Dollars.

The problem has been with us for years. PUC publically blame car washers for the problem and consumers who flush toilets and brush their teeth with the taps on. All good and well, but the blame for the problem rests squarely on the SPPF/PP failure to plan properly and implement a serious program to develop our water catchment and storage capacity as a nation in the face of imminent development anticipated with projects like Eden Island, Four Seasons, Sheik Khalifa’s residence, and Raffles. 80% of all water that flows from our rivers, end up in the sea. 80% of water piped for reservoirs is lost in the pipeline along the way, because of faulty pipes and leaks. The entire system needs to be re done. You do not need a French technician from Suez Group on a Two (2) year Scr.128 Million contract fixed at 19.0 -1.0 Scr.- Euro to figure that out.

Eden Island Has No Water Reservoir Infrastructure
On Eden Island, they have not placed any water reservoirs. The developers have avoided the issue, to save money negligently. As a result, they rely on the Mahe infrastructure which has not been upgraded in terms of storage capacity since the 1970’s when Mancham built Rochon Dam and La Gogue Dam. Mancham was bent on developing infrastructure to increase development capacity for Seychelles. For that, we salute him. Mancham focused first on infrastructure, then he focused on GDP growth because that is what must be done. In other words, PP before you run, you must first crawl, then walk. You need to keep that order. If you try to run before you can crawl or walk, you may end up with your face in the dirt. 

As Eden Island brings more houses on line, and increase capacity, unless they contribute in a serious manner to establishing their own infrastructure, they will be carrying buckets of water on their heads like most of Mahe does periodically from time to time when faced with a prolonged dry season.

Water On Praslin
Praslin has only Three(3) days of water storage capacity. With Raffles massive grotesque project coming on line with 2000 Indian workers or 1/3 increase of the population of Praslin, on Praslin, things will get worse, unless Raffles is made to pay for infrastructure upgrades. Building their own desalination plant is not enough, because when their plant breaks down, they will fall back to the existing infrastructure, for water. They must pay their way as they enter to use our water. Did Michel not ever think about that? 

Water On La Digue
Much of La Digue relies on pit wells. With the lack of sewage treatment plant and lines, the chances of pit wells becoming contaminated is high. La Digue has a desalination plant, but water shortages are serious there as well. The main issue is the lack of adequate catchment and water storage. It is as if the SPPF/PP know we need water, but they do not know that water needs to be contained under catchment. The price of fuel and costs associated with desalination process, make it not feasible for bankrupt Seychelles, on a long term basis. You do not have to be an engineer to know that, you only have to be a sensible person of basic logic ability to understand that.

Gold Falls From The Sky
As SPPF/PP have failed to place adequate infrastructure, when it rains, gold falls from the sky. Luckily for us, this year, it rained in June, and not in September. Had it rained only in September, Seybrew would have shut down, IOT would halt operations, hotels would close down and refund clients money, Eden Island sales would drop, Air Seychelles, would drop, in sales, we would all have been out of business for a time, and back to the business strategy of cutting losses instead of maximizing profits, and the Government of Seychelles, would have very likely collapsed, with Four (4) months of no revenue from taxes. Though they could issue a Bond for water works, that Sheik Khalifa could buy, and Government of Seychelles, bankrupt as it is, could guarantee it with some beachfront land or another lovely mountain view top looking at four (4) sides of the island of Mahe.

For now, Government of Seychelles, has bought a little time, from a little rain dance at State House.

Whatever dance it was, this wiggle has been worth while. Keep on dancing SPPF/PP and hopefully the gold will keep falling, since you have no catchments. 

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Friday, June 25, 2010

PP Fighting Hard To Justify Arabs In Seychelles

By: Christopher Gill
      Leadership Committee - Mouvman Seselwa Rasin
Recently, the People rag ran an article headline titled:”Nou Napa Problenm EK Arab”, May 28th, 2010. 

The article highlighted the benefits of truck drivers for Sheik Khalifa’s illegal construction company that is building what appears to be his house at La Misere.
The article claims drivers make between Scr. 50,000.00 to Scr. 80,000.00 per month after they pay their bills. The People infer that this justifies the presence of Arabs in Seychelles. They mention that the Morin Brothers make over Scr.100,000.00 in revenue on contracting heavy equipment services to the illegal contractor, ASCON. The point of the People rag is this: “Arabs pay us for services, so we should be happy with them.”

The point is not that Arabs pay us well and we should be happy with them. People –rag misses the point. We want anyone coming to Seychelles to pay us well. Arabs must not be the exception. It is not enough to pay for truck and heavy equipment services. They must pay Fair Market Value for property if they buy it. In the case of Government land, tender procedures must be followed. In the case of entry of all goods, all taxes must be paid.

The fact that PP has given special favours to Arabs and treat them with special privileges like duty free concessions when our own people have to pay high duties, the rag-tag paper is silent. They are silent because they are just attempting to mop up the mess after the biggest sell out in our history to Arabs.
Lining up a few truck drivers for a People interview will not bring back La Misere deal for Scr. 1.00 or the 60 other plots sold under value to Shiek Khalifa. It will not bank the $200Million in evaded taxes from the same person either. Nor will the article stop the “Sell Baby Sell”, economic posture James Michel has brought upon us as a people.

People of Seychelles, drop SPPF and PP, they are selling our country and they are making Seychellois third class citizens in our own country.

Finally I have one question for the PP people: where is the criminal charges for La Misere fiasco and where is the criminal charges on ASCON directors for operating without a license as a Contractor?
You did not forget that, did you?

Nation Contributor Rubbishes About Defending “Sell Baby Sell”
This week Nation does the same glassing over job in an article contributed as the People did the week before.

In this article, the contributor from State House apparently, says:”Thanks to them (Arabs)there is plenty of money in Seychellois pockets”. The writer says the economic impact of the projects is undeniable citing: Hospital Diagnostic Scanner Center at Victoria Hospital, Barbaron electricity upgrade and La Misere road upgrade.

The diagnostic center is for Sheik Khalifa in case he has an emergency while residing here. The Barbaron electricity upgrade is for his own use as the extra load upgrade will be used for his buildings. The La Misere road, well, he broke it so it is acceptable that he fix it. PP calls this investments. I call it a farce.

Read a little deeper into the suggestion of the contributor, and we will see, that the diagnostic centre is being built by another foreign contractor. PP is silent on that, while Seychellois contractors are sidelined. The Architectural and Engineering designs are done overseas and not locally. Workers to build the works are imported and their pay checks are exported. In many cases, no GOP fees are paid. No taxes levied, to the extent of $200 Million we are told.

Is This Dr. Rolf ?
The writer suggest that without Arabs, Seychelles would be in doldrums. Sounds like Dr. Rolf Payet kind of thinking. Guess what Dr. Rolf, “we are in the doldrums in spite of the Arabs”, which Dr. Mark Jayasingh would say is a derogatory term. I suppose that would make Dr. Rolf a Nazi if he wrote that little piece, according to Dr. Mark Jayasingh. Better join “Mon Fes Y Grate”, if it is you Dr. Rolf, slush-ing about with a pen.

The false assertions made in Nation by Contributor, alludes to the intellectual bankruptcy of the PP. They are finished. As they implement the “Sell Baby Sell “economic program, they have to sell it to us as a success and fake the success.

The Numbers Do Not Add Up
The Scr. 515 Million Abu Dhabi invests in Seychelles is tax free. With taxes being paid you would not be touting Scr. 515 Million morons, but instead: Scr 2 Billion. Do you notice the difference PP? The difference represents what you stole under the table with UAE, from the People of Seychelles, not including the Scr. 1.00 land deals you have registered and 20 unpaid tax bills for BMW 5 series.
This National Day PP, behind Dr. Ramadoss marching in a straight line with a sunflower flower in hand, why don’t you add 100 Arabs marching in sheets behind him, to symbolize the” Sell Baby Sell “ economic program Dr. Rolf is likely promoting, since he sits in his office at State House, most of the day adding the number of projects ongoing to make the Mister Sheik Khalifa man comfortable in paradise.

I have news for you PP:
“Sesel Pou Seselwa”!! 

Get use to it....... you bunch of thieves and sell outs!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did U Hear The President’s National Day Speech?

By: Christopher Gill
      Leadership Comittee - Mouvman Seselwa Rasin 

First The Good News
Kudos go out to the National Day Committee for listening to Alain St. Ange to engage the business community in the National Day festivities. Finally!
The participation of the private sector, brought the festivities to life, in a real tangible way that will also have an effect on the national bottom line: Gross Domestic Product (GDP). SBC reporters could improve by asking questions, instead of just nodding their heads up and down.

After 17 years of military and paramilitary parades, guns, uniforms, the same cultural shows from the central committee over and over, it was nice to see a proper National Day weekend display of things that make the country move.

Antoine Moustache from the Ministry of Agriculture has been a total flop in his food security arguments and agricultural production. He should give it a rest and start running a farm, to put those lovely words into action. 34 years after, Agriculture in Seychelles, is almost dead, representing only 2% of GDP. It no longer needs a minister. It needs full privatization and the ropes that keep it from progressing need to simply be cut set the farmers free, stop enslaving them.

Now the Bad News
The most grotesque display of exaggerated opulence which is found traditionally in African states with despots at as Head of State, was out done by James Michel himself. As Rene sat back to watch the show, he must have been awed by President Michel’s entry into the stadium. Two Black Land Cruisers, Bodyguards, at each door-opened, standing on side gate rails, Seven (7) Honda Gold Wings, donated from the Kingdom of Morocco for the Seychelles Police, but used only for display shows, escorted the President who rode in a BMW 5 series metallic black sedan.

Not a bad entry into the stadium for the President of a country that has been declared bankrupt and is currently under IMF administration. I suppose we know why we are bankrupt, when we see such displays of wealth and resources being squandered openly in public.
In public only last month the same President had to tell the students at the Polytechnic that Seychelles does not have money for enough buses, and was waiting for a donation of buses from Communist China. 

The National Day Speech
The speech said very little, and announced barely nothing. This is not good news. It is bad news. Bus fares went from Scr. 7.00 to Scr. 5.00. Sheik Khalifa will likely fund that until elections are over. Then the fares will go back up. Knowing James Michel now, he likely did not even consult with SPTC on the fares and just made the announcement. He did the same thing with PUC tariffs at the beginning of the year. He announced a reduction to appease the public over high electricity rates, but PUC had no clue what was going on. This practice is not bad management , it is no management.

The second plea James Michel made was to the commercial banks of Seychelles to drop interest rates on loans. He has made the plea in the past, and the banks all but ignored him, except to the extent of a couple of points reductions, nothing substantial to turn the economy around. 

Michel did say that parastatal banks Saving Bank and Nouvobanq will be reducing interest rates to spur competition. This is a total joke, Saving Bank hardly has any money itself to lend. Nouvobanq has money but it is government and parastatal money mostly. They tend to lend to SPPF/PP businesses, and those businesses tend to not repay the loans, or are bad performers. Nouvobanq will do little to spur upward growth in the economy. 

I have spoken to the commercial banks concerning interest rates. I too have made the plea in the past that commercial banks reduce rates to spur growth and get money back into the economy to get it moving. But it is not that simple according to the commercial banks.

The problem the commercial banks have is the cost of bad debt on their books. That bad debt happens to be Government of Seychelles bad debt. SPPF/PP have borrowed Billions of Seychelles Rupees from these commercial banks James Michel is insulting in his speech. His government has not paid them back and has asked them to forgive them the debts, take a haircut if you will. But someone has to pay, it ends up being new borrowers. Everyone pays a few extra points in interests rates, to keep the banks in the black. Banks are not suppose to lose money, especially when they lend money. After all, that is the business they are in.

If Michel’s Administration would pay its bills, I am certain the banks would drop interest rates to more palatable figures for business. 

Michel Gripes About The Cost of Doing Business In Seychelles
Michel seemed to be griping about the cost of doing business in Seychelles. He is right. It is expensive, especially in a downturn. The business community is currently in a cutting losses mode instead of maximizing profits, with exception of some business that have enjoyed an over whelming advantage of calling in concessions from SPPF/PP. 

But Michel is right. It is expensive to do business in Seychelles. His government’s overburdening taxes does not make doing business cheaper.

The underlying premise of the Free Market is that the individual will spend his/her money on the thing that will generate him/her, the most benefit. As the individual benefits, society progresses. Each Rupee paid in taxes, and misspent by Michel’s government, wasted by his government, lost to corruption, huge ministerial salaries and retirement pensions, will make doing business more expensive in Seychelles. So Michel has not told us anything we do not know, on National Day. 

Aside from the fancy motorcade he rode in on, it would appear Michel has come down to earth and has abandoned the grandiose talk about doubling GDP by 2017 and so forth. Now he seems to be preoccupied with dropping the price of bus fares, just to keep on going a little more, before people take to the streets.

Beware of the coward for a hundred years, that becomes brave for one day, Michel.
Michel announced that DBS would issue a Bond to raise money, to lend out to get the economy moving. He said that the Government of Seychelles, would guarantee the BOND. Absurd.

Khalifa Bonds or Siva Bonds?
The Government of Seychelles cannot guarantee the next consignment of fuel or even onions, how will it guarantee a BOND? That would only be possible if the person or entity subscribing the BONDs, did not care if Government of Seychelles could not repay the BONDS. Only Sheik Khalifa or SIVA would be in such a position to take these Bonds. In which case, the financial instrument would be used to just implement the “Sell Baby Sell” program at another dimension. As Government of Seychelles and DBS default, Michel or SPPF/PP will just give Khalifa or Siva an island or a district on Mahe, to pay off the debt.

What Michel Should Have Announced, But Cannot!
I say it again, what Government of Seychelles should be doing right now is collecting the $200 Million Sheik Khalifa owes us in taxes and we should then pay off our commercial debts, improve our country credit rating, and move on as a country. With an improved credit rating, in no time, it would give Seychelles the impetus, to issue bonds internationally and use that money to improve our infrastructure in the areas of water catchments, electricity megawatts capacity and additional grids, improved roads, improved public transport system, possibly electric rail from Anse Royale to Town, improved airport domestic and international, with additional capacity to take more planes. Then when banks drop interest rates and lend money it will go into real growth expansion. Right now, money will put in a market with no infrastructure, will only go to waste and create more bad debt.

Micro State-Micro Economy Rule
Remember the rule you must never break Michel: More bed, more rooms means you have to have more planes, and more seats on planes. You do not break this rule, and allow new rooms and new hotels on line, only to destroy other viable establishments, and in turn breed chaos in the tourism market and foster instability. If you do, you destroy the perception of our country as a viable investment centre. Stability requires proper planning, not shooting from the teleprompter that looks at you from the right and left of your speech podium.

The Harmony Thing
Michel started his speech harping about harmony in society. He said we all came from different continents and we are happy and harmonious. As such, we must not disturb that harmony. What Michel was saying really, is that today, with SPP/PP losing support, the need to bring in tourist and navy seamen from foreign lands to fill the Unity Stadium is now ever more critical to keep the regime that has bankrupted Seychelles keep on looking good. 

Michel is telling us really that “Sesel Pou Seselwa” does not apply today. Because if it does, it will mean that he will lose power and SPPF/PP will be finished.

I was amazed, that Michel ‘s introduction targeted the founding philosophy of the Republic and he said it was no longer valid. He also targeted the Creed of MSR, a party that has not even registered yet. I wonder why he is more worried about MSR then he is worried about SNP?

We in MSR are full on when it concerns harmony. But harmony must centre around “Sesel Pou Seselwa” the founding principle of the Republic. 

Now if the President of the Republic has gone astray and now he thinks he is the President for the World, well, I did not put the man there, and perhaps whoever did, should seriously consider having him replaced soon. 

Even Danny Faure is starting to look like a plausible alternative to Michel in the PP camp. At least Faure wears sunglasses and drives his government issued Honda, at the same time. Hurray to that.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”, Michel, on this National Day, not for every continent, as you suggest. Is it because we come from different continents that we should just abandon a founding principle and close the immigration desk at the airport? Are we first citizens of a country then of the World, or the other way around? 

How can a Presidential speech rest on such a hair brain idea?
I suppose Buzz Light-Year wrote that one.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Day of Treason Upon The People of Seychelles

By: Christopher Gill

June 5th, has come again as it does every year. The PP are celebrating their first anniversary as political party, though they have been around for over 34 years. Only in Albert Rene’s brain could those numbers make sense. 

To prepare for June 5th, white cloth died red have been cut and stapled to little pine sticks to hang over Maison Du Peuple. A large banner of a yellow sun has been placed on Maison Du Peuple. France Albert Rene has made it a point to spend at least Two(2) hours a day in his office. He has three identical jeeps and leaves one parked at Maison Du Peuple all day, to make the public believe he is working. He is not of course, he just makes his way each day, when he can, to the office to just make sure it is still there, and the new Commissioner of Tax is not auditing Gregoire, or Glenny Savy, or Francis Savy, Dr. Ramadoss any other business associates interests. They are not supposed to pay for the failure, we are and our children must.
June 5th is celebrated by PP and SPPF because they cannot not celebrate the feeding upon of a Nation, and the blood spilled on that day and many other days after. They must celebrate. According to Rene folklore, the day the SPPF or PP stop celebrating the 5th of June, will be the day SPPF now PP is finished. But they are finished anyways.

They will lay wreaths at the foot of Zomn Lib a metal statute, representing the day of Treason against a government which France Albert Rene was Prime Minister. The statute was commissioned to be fabricated by France Albert Rene himself, and Mr. Ramkalawan’s father, built it to please Rene. 

Rene Attempted To Kill “Sesel Pou Seselwa” on June 5th 1977
The act of Treason on June 5th 1977 destroyed and betrayed the Nation’s founding principle of “Seychelles For Seychellois”. After that day, the existing principle became “Seychelles For France Albert Rene”. Under Michel, the new principle is “Sell Baby Sell” to pay for Rene’s failed ideas and Michel’s years of silence.

Since that dark day of June 5th 1977, Mr. Rene has dragged our children out of Seychelles College and Regina Mundi and modern school, into NYS. Then he shut down the failed NYS himself after it failed. Rene then back tracked to allow private independent schools to be run in the country. Education in
Seychelles has been turned up side down, then right side up. In public education, politics have remained an obstacle to the positive growth and development of pupils and teachers alike. Creole is still taught in schools, a language that does not have sufficient text and books to allow for proper development of our children, in order that they may compete in a competitive world. As our children graduate they have a hard time securing well paid jobs, unless they are politically bent or have no opinion about anything.

Today, Rene’s Party imports Australians, Irish, Indians, Gurkas to run the Government of Seychelles, much like he imported Tanzanian soldiers, North Korean soldiers in the early days after the coup to keep him afloat.

In spite of all the imports of foreign managers, keeping Rene, Michel, SPPF, now PP afloat has not been an easy task. Seychelles is officially bankrupt, and GDP has been negative to negligible since James Michel took over in 2004. We are under IMF administration for three (3) years, but perhaps 15 years.
Rene’s act of treason on June 5th 1977,has resulted in the total bankruptcy of a Nation that enjoyed 17% GDP under the “Seychelles For Seychellois “, banner of unity government in 1976. A total failure Rene and Michel are, that is undisputed this June 5th, 2010. No wreath laying, or parade of over sized butts in red leotards will change the failure status, as sexy as they may be. 100 red flags dripping in red water as the rain falls, will not make June 5th 1977 a success. It has all been a grand failure, Rene has been a grand failure, and Michel has been another grand failure. Today, they pay a pension to the person they liberated themselves from, supposedly. 

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”- Not Today

While failing Seychelles, they forgot that “Seychelles is for Seychellois”. They have brained washed their SPPF-PP cadre to believe that “Sesel Pou Seselwa” today, is no longer relevant. If “Sesel Pou Seselwa” is no longer relevant PP, what is relevant, and who is Seychelles for? Who are Seychellois on this day of Treason, June 5th 2010? Ramadoss who scammed the Chamber of Commerce elections with stuffed proxy ballots, Siva who bought the Ambassador at large post and citizenship apparently, Krevjecir who is really Jules Egbert Savy a dead man, Mr. Petersik who operates an illegal hotel establishment at Port Glaud, Mr. Vallet, a director of Constance hotel who denies us access to Anse Georgette, who else, PP?

June 5th, 1977-AKA “Sell Baby Sell”
June 5th 1977, Rene and Michel harnessed some AK-47’s and claimed that Kashoogi was buying up Seychelles. Kashoogi paid fair market value for property and did not pay Scr. 1.00 for land. Kashoogi paid his way and did not import 20 BMW’s 5 series with Scr. 25.00 tax assessment or import $1.4 Billion in materials and evade $200 Million worth of taxes which could be enough money to settle half of Seychelles external commercial debt.

This June 5th, 2010, PP will have little reason to wiggle their ass on the main street that whores use to peddle their trade at night. James Michel has bestowed nothing but shame upon the People of Seychelles and even PP supporters are without speech as the “Sell Baby Sell” economic policy has taken form.
La Misere for Scr. 1.00, another plot for Scr. 500,000.00, Joel Morgan told us it is a gift to please Sheik Khalifa. Today we know SNP remained silent because they formed the transaction to sell La Misere to Khalifa. Further gifts for 16 plots at Barbaron to give Sheik Khalifa more space.

SNP Leadership involved in “Sell Baby Sell Deal”
The transactions for La Misere for Scr. 1.00, today we know, was done by SNP MNA Bernard Georges. We are perplexed by SNP’s involvement in the sale. Mr. Georges could have said, “no, I will not do this transaction”, but he did not, and instead, he did it. 

Mr. Georges did not reply to any questions we pose on Star or Lavwa –Seychelles. Silence has become the norm in SNP leadership. They have become too high and too mighty to answer questions while in opposition. In power, what will they do to us for our questions, shoot us or jail us? 

Example, case on point, Mr. Ramkalwan has received every article and every blog comment from Star for over one (1) year and Six (6) months. He still receives them. Lavwa-Seychelles does not bother to send him any comments, Lavwa is an MSR mouthpiece. It has little patience with mediocrity. Star is a forum for all. It allows all views to be published in the interest of fostering democratic practice and openness.
Star has about 3,000 views a week at its peak periods, reproduced in Weekly in part with 2,000 circulation, read by Three (3) people each copy, and Seychelles Column is reproduced in Seychelles e-news with likely 2,000 views a week. Lavwa-Seychelles has about 1,500 views per week.

Beware of Your General’s Who Are Decorated By the Enemy
People of Seychelles, beware of your generals, who are decorated and over fed by your enemies. On this 5th day of June, beware, for our generals have been over fed by our political enemies, to the point that they write little or nothing on the 5th of June every year; they say nothing on Eden Island which potentially houses 10,000 new citizens and operates an illegal hotel pool with apartments; they say nothing on the Genocide in Rwanda these days; they plagiarize articles en bloc as a sitting opposition, and say it is ok; they break the political alliance that got them Five (5) extra seats and say the PP Courts said it was fine; they vote themselves a 35% pay hike, and 70% pension and forget about the people and side with SPPF in silence; they remain silent on an Ambassador at Large vote of a fake Seychellois, while it is alleged that they took Euro 150,000.00 for the moment of silence in the form of an abstention. The allegation is not denied, ever, but defended by some as common practice. We can do better than that, and Seychelles deserves better.

Coup Plotters-Conspirators Turn Angels
Jean Francois Ferrari and his father Dr. Maxime Ferrari were part of the day of treason of June 5th 1977. They took on arms to seize the principle of “Seychellois For Seychellois”. This year, Jean Francois Ferrari has called in the National Assembly: “Sesel Pou Seselwa” in the State of Nation rebuttal while addressing the Sheik Khalifa scandals at La Misere. A historical shift in gear from June 5th 1977, but welcomed indeed. 

I commend him on the pronouncement. But he and SNP must go further then just talk “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, today. They must adopt the Creed of MSR, because they have become a national party that is not courageous enough for Nationalism, because it might offend some foreign donors. While they have taken a soft posture on Nationalism, we Seselwa Rasin are loosing our country under SNP’s watch. Their Nationalism is now sounding like National –Fan, blowing hot air about to just protect their salaries and pensions they worked so hard for like all retirees. 

June 5th 1977 Retirement Pension in December 2008
What SNP did not tell us in December 2008, is that politicians are not suppose to have a retirement pension. Exception is former Head of States.

Hence, SPPF has turned them into a career opposition. Sad but true if SNP does not act proactively now. SNP must shed their undermining Two (2) faced style of politics and work sincerely, to unite the opposition. They must learn that debate is healthy and highly productive in a society. They must not stifle debate and then defend the act of suppression (refusal to print Weekly). When they do that, they are no better then SPPF. This is particularly damning since they were in fact all SPPF or children of SPPF. They are children of the day of treason June 5th 1977, today, they have become prime benefactors of the very system they are suppose to oppose.

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of The Way - Man!
If the SNP do not unite the opposition, they must simply step aside, and allow MSR to finish the job they cannot seem to do. 

MSR pleads for a united opposition. SNP ignores the call and says they are the main opposition with a mandate. But that does not keep them from copying and pasting, plagiarizing in June 5th style. To unite the opposition, they will at least have to give credit for work they use. Are they brave enough for that?

Complicity in Conspiracy of Confusion-More June 5th Style
Pauline Ferrari has taken the call for “Sesel Pou Tou Seselwa”, meaning Seychelles is not for Seychellois anymore, but for anyone who buys a passport. This Mata Hari of Seychelles politics has been working for James Michel for some time and has been paid to do his work. She systematically sows confusion in the opposition camp, because people associate her with human rights and that which is right. She has compromised her credibility. She is dead wrong on her hypocritical stances and has lost all credibility in Seychelles politics, while she lives in Nice, France and travels to Seychelles, courtesy of State House.
Today in Seychelles, it is Nicole Tirant that we associate with Human Rights issues. We associate Pauline Ferrari with covering up State House fiascos on human rights. The Media Report is only one example. Why does not SNP give due credit to Nicole Tirant for her work? Why is her work censored, like my work is censored in your paper. If you do anything, we report it in Star and Weekly does the same. But you people are not doing anything lately, so there are no reports.

If the Ferrari clan and the Ramkalawan clan cannot work sincerely to unite the opposition, which they have a deep moral obligation to for great historical guilt on their family shoulders rest, then they should retire and enjoy their fat 70% pensions they voted themselves in conspiracy with the other children of June 5th 1977. Even Henry Ferrari told people of Praslin to vote for SPPF in the last election.

What Fat Pension?
If they live for 40 years more and retire today, PP and SNP MNA’s June 5th will give them over Scr. 30 Million over the next 40 years. Collectively with the SPPF ministers, it will be over Scr. 130 Million in 40 years, the bankrupted Government of Seychelles will have to pay out to sustain June 5th 1977. The figures are unbelievable. 

People of Seychelles, in one transaction in December 2008, the salary increase for politicians, we were sold out for 40 years. The numbers do not lie.

SNP Faking Unity
I advise SNP, placing a little light blue ocean wave under the SNP logo is not working towards unity. It is a demonstration of the two faced political game the SNP have been coined and reputed to play. It is the same type of political game SPPF and now PP play. 

No wonder your supporters yell at you in your party conference pour “aret bat nou latet” or “les Nou Koze”, and “oli nou larzan”! Sad but true. 

We in MSR are straight forward and Truth is our beacon. We hide nothing, expose everything, we accept to be challenged by the public, as long as we do not talk to empty beer bottles or fake profiles. We are loyal to no party colours, but loyal to Seychelles and her people: Seselwa Rasin. We hold all
accountable and expect to be reasonably held to accountability as well. With that, we will have a better Country. 

We call on SNP, NDP, Independent Boulle, to work towards a united opposition in the next elections. Stop faking unity, SNP, you are looking like losers even before an election. As your Leader likes to say, “get real”! 

Third Call For Opposition Conference
An opposition conference must take place. It is the solemn duty of all of you to unite the opposition. Put your salaries aside stop thinking about your retirement and your next car. Do what you must do and obligated to do for Seychelles and put Seychellois first.

There will be many 5th of Junes, but they do not have to all be the same every year.

When SPPF wiggles their ass in town, where whores ply their trade in the evening, show the People of Seychelles, we all can be better SNP. Yes we all make mistakes, yes we are all not perfect, but how many of us try to correct our mistakes in life?

Do something for your people and your country, open your minds and open your hearts, so Seychelles can move on. 

After all, you have done enough for yourselves now. Over the last five years, everyone in SNP has a salary, a pension, Four (4) wheels and a villa each at least, some 3 or 4 each. 

If you do not shift gears and do something for Seychelles and her People, now, you will only have yourselves to blame. 

Unfortunately, you will one day find, that you cannot live in your own country, even with your Scr. 10 Million pensions that amount to Scr. 130 Million collectively, with those band of thieves that are called PP now, you cut the deal with in a conspiracy of silence late in 2008.

This June 5th, 2010, remember late December 2008
 The People of Seychelles will not ever forget the grand sell out!
Meanwhile, SPPF cleaning ladies are paid Scr. 500.00 to wiggle their ass for one (1) hour about how much the whores get paid on the same street at night for their wiggling.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!